Professor of Higher Education

OWL University of Applied Sciences & Arts (Lemgo)
Department of Media Production



University of Hamburg
Hamburg Centre for University Teaching & Learning (HUL)


Programme Director

Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen
Responsible for:
BA Sociology, Politics & Economics
MA General Management





University of Tuebingen



University of Tuebingen
German Studies



University of Tuebingen
Rhetorics, Philosophy, International Comparative Studies

Research Interests

Transdisciplinary Learning
Curriculum Studies
Science (& Technology) Studies
AI & Education
Situated Learning

Short Bio

Tobias is a Teaching & Learning Sciences specialist. His research addresses the intersection of Higher Education ResearchCurriculum Studies, and Philosophy of Science. Tobias believes that university teaching should, by definition, build bridges between professional/social efforts on the one hand and scientific endeavours on the other. Hence, he aims to foster interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary cooperation skills. His pedagogy seeks to prepare for professional practice, to promote real-work capabilities and participation in public life. Tobias is especially interested in new approaches to teaching at research and art institutions in the tertiary education sector. Shouldn’t the curricula and teaching practices at these institutions—he wonders—rigorously align with both the most recent disciplinary research findings and the respective scientific discourse? And if they should: how do we make sure our students are able to catch on and grasp the learning subjects effectively?

After graduating in RhetoricsPhilosophyGerman Studies, and International Comparative Studies, Tobias obtained his PhD at the University of Tuebingen with a conceptual-theoretical study comparing systems theory with action theory approaches. He was head of a blended learning curriculum at Tuebingen, a programme director at Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen and a PostDoc researcher at  Hamburg. Currently, Tobias works as a full professor at OWL Technical University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Germany. He is the scientific director of TH OWL’s Learning Centre Lemgo. Tobias has taught in a range of academic contexts, including Media Studies, Economics, Pedagogy, and Computer Science. Tobias’ current cross-faculty teaching is with students at universities of applied sciences, as well as with doctoral candidates and post-docs at research universities. His research methodology combines conceptual-theoretical, empirical and design-based approaches.


List positions:

  • 2021  Appointment and rejection: DAAD University Professorship (Full Professorship DaF) within the framework of the funding programme Transnational Education – Promotion of Binational Universities.
  • 2018  Appointment and acceptance: Professorship for Higher Education and Media Education at the OWL University of Applied Sciences  & Arts (Department of Media Production and Institute for Science Dialogue)

Reviewer for:

  • Funding Pogrammes (SNF, ibh)
  • Educational research journals 
  • publishers
  • conferences
    (dghd, NPSE, FOE, GfHf)

Keynotes (excerpt):

  • Conference: (Self-)learning support at universities, Kaiserslautern (2020)
  • Conference: Potentials of student internships, Univ. Münster, Düsseldorf, Hannover (2020)
  • Bosch ConNext, Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart (2020) 
  • Teaching Day, HTW Dresden (2019)
  • Conference Best Teaching – Best Practices: Research Education, ZHAW Zürich (2017)